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Cultural Connections supports and stands with the Black community and all communities of color. We are a group of Bay Area museum, arts, and culture professionals whose mission is to connect, exchange ideas, and share resources to inspire creativity and action. As a platform for dialogue, we cannot stay silent.

Black Lives Matter. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are only a few of the many Black people who have been killed, murdered, or lost their lives as a result of the United States’ long history of systemic racism. We stand in solidarity against hatred, intolerance, and ignorance.

We also want to acknowledge that museums are, unfortunately, not necessarily diverse spaces. As an organization dedicated to changing how we practice our profession in order to advance the field and make it more inclusive, we need to make this issue more transparent. Our mission, vision, and value statements form the foundation of our organization and are at the forefront of our programming. These values include a commitment to diversity, pushing boundaries, and being responsive. 

While we continue to advocate for the active participation of diverse voices in our programs and in our field, we must do more. Cultural Connections is in a privileged position, and we must use our organization to center and elevate voices of Black museum professionals, collaborators, and museum visitors to highlight and fight against injustice. We commit to including and centering the voices and issues of Black people and people of color in our future programming. We will work to change our institutions to support Black people and people of color entering and employed in the field.

As part of our commitment to sharing resources, we have provided a list of museum-specific and local Bay Area resources below. We look forward to continuing the conversation with our community.

电脑 德国梯子

  • American Alliance of Museums Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion website
  • MASS Action Toolkit
  • Museum Hue
  • 漫威最美的一张亚洲脸,智慧与美貌的化身,一点都不比汪 ...:2021-5-11 · 漫威的一姐公认是黑寡妇的饰演者斯嘉丽·约翰逊,初伋复仇者,漫威片酬最高的女英雄。复联四给了寡姐一个圆满的结局,为了获得灵魂宝石而牺牲了,虽然还有自己的独立电影《黑寡妇》已经开拍,但是讲述的确实寡姐的起源故事。
  • excess加速器安装教程
  • 请问如何通过资产负债表分析对比两家银行 - Sogou:2021-10-27 · 通过资产负债表分析对比两家银行的方法:资产负债表对比,可伍从相对指标和绝对指标进行分析,其中:运用相对指标是进行财务质量分析比较;运用绝对指标进行经营规模分析比较。 绝对指标是计算相应指标差额,可伍说明经营规模大小差异。
  • Twitter thread of Black museums that could benefit from donations

电脑 德国梯子

  • Anti-Police Terror Project
  • excess加速器安装教程 (compiled by Bay Area local Domonique Meija)
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Black-owned Bay Area business list
  • Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
  • People’s Breakfast Oakland
  • San Francisco National Lawyers Guild, which is running a hotline to provide pro bono legal support for arrestees in the Bay Area
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice (Bay Area chapter)

电脑 德国梯子

Cultural Connections is a community of Bay Area museum, arts, and culture professionals who meet regularly to exchange ideas, share resources, and inspire creativity.

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銀河英雄傳說 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书:2021-6-9 · 概要 背景设定为人类生存圈扩展到全銀河系的未来时空。 由於財富帶來糜爛,人們對政治失去信心,漸漸疏於履行民主之義務,野心家趁機奪權,重回專制體制,建立「銀河帝國」。 不滿帝制的人民展開逃亡,成立自由行星同盟。从此兩國互相爭戰达150多年,加上夾在中間之强大经济体——獨立 ...

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急速追踪:盘点全球最酷炫的警车:2021-11-18 · 看看那些世界上最精致、最快的警车。 来自兰博基尼的最新车型 Huracán 现在将成为意大利的公路守护神。 该车的最高时速为每小时190英里(200公里),配备V10自吸式发动机,内置枪套、摄像机、警用闪光灯和无线电。

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